The Trail Show #99: The Greater Yellowstone Route

Show #99 – #smallbanana – On this month’s spooktacular Trail Show… Special Guest Kevin “LarryBoy” DeVries talks to us about his hike of the Greater Yellowstone Route, bear jousting and hiking out with stitches, Brittney “Bert” Woodrum relays hiking all of Colorado’s 14ers with a big green Shelterbox strapped to her back, Spesh talks maximum patches, beer hiker intersections and Zoom tips, OOO advises on kayak evacuations, Disco becomes a luddite and names babies, POD starts a YouTube channel, and D-Low reads the longest Trail Show Ask-A-Hiker question at 2x speed cut in half. We discuss reindeer moss, the normalization of poo carrying and dive into the non-hiking film The Social Dilemna. The monthly donors are praised and the mailbag is opened a wee crack.  

Get more info on the Greater Yellowstone Route (GYRo) at LarryBoy’s website 

And check out Brittney “Bert” Woodrum’s fundraiser for Shelterbox at