The Trail Show #98: The Great Basin Trail

Show #98 – #wagbagfailure – On this month’s Trail Show Special Guest Ryan “Dirtmonger” Sylva talks to us about his hike of the Great Basin Trail in Nevada, motels in Tonopah, sonic booms and waking up to earthquakes, Ian Atkinson from Gossamer Gear joins us to give away a Gorilla Backpack, Buck 30 roasts us, Wolverine interviews a wayward hiker, Spesh talks pipelines, Callahan’s and the recent closure of the out of doors, OOO wonders about the sun, Disco is hunkered down and hiding out, POD is the timekeeper, D-low chooses puffed quinoa and peaknuckle. Not washing your fleece is recommended during Ask-A-Hiker and blood sugars are noted during Answer-A-Hiker. The monthly donors are revered twice and the mailbag is unbagged.

Beer O’ Da Month:  Delicious Maine beers thanks to Tuff Broad & Bear Sweatz!

Music on this month’s Trail Show was from the band The Shockwave off their album Contact from Space. Get the jams at Double Crown Records!

Get more info on the Great Basin Trail at Dirtmonger’s website

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