The Trail Show #100 !!!

Show #100 – #gefiltefish – The Trail Show reaches a HUGE MILESTONE with this 100th Episode!!! Special Guests including the late Paul Mags, The Bobbi Walters, Gummi Bear, The Onion, Buck-30, Snorkel, Allgood, Salty, Squatch, Cliff Kipp, Clay Jacobson, Dirtmonger, Bobcat and more make this an extra special show. We hear tales of D-Low’s involvement in the four seasons landscaping snafu, reminiscing of the “power tools” episode, planning ice raids, Squatch loses and finds LuLu, Spesh discusses tennis shoes, Cliff fat-fingers a SPOT device, gefilte fish recipes are cooked up and much much more.

And for the first time since The Trail Show’s inception, a video version of this episode is available on YOUTUBE:

Thanks to Trail Show Nation on 100 episodes! Now go out there and Get on the Trail!!