The Trail Show #73: The Baja Divide Trail

Show #73 – #nutstobutts – On this month´s Trail Show we set up shop in a new basement, Speshul 41 brings us up to speed, OOO eats the bar, D-Low goes on a landscaping retreat, mosquito repellents are considered, fires are put out, in studio guest Katie “Salty” Gerber shines some light on eating well while on trail, special guest Chris “Wolverine” Hillier joins us via satellite link to talk about gasoline water, delicious food and not quitting the Baja Divide Trail, Moonkid sends us an update from Peru, The Onion brings us crickets and tales from the Canadian Rockies, Disco talks about how not to slice beer bottles, P.O.D. reminds us you can’t learn a new language in one month and we review the new book “On the Trail with Boots McFarland: Vol 1” by Geolyn Carvin. We don’t forget to our monthly Trail Show donors and of course we throw open the mailbag! OOO commandeers Ask-A-Hiker and we flip the script during Gear Review.

And as always … Beer O’ Da Month (a pallet of delicious Idaho beers courtesy of Rand Snyder and tasty Oklahoma and Michigan beers (and Pink Bourbon coffee) courtesy of Salsa and Turbosnail), Trail News with Speshul 41, Trail O’ da Month (The Baja Divide Trail), and Ask-A-Hiker with Out of Order.

Big thanks to Katie “Salty” Gerber for guesting on this month’s show. Learn more about eating well both on and off trail at

Music on this month’s Trail Show courtesy of Joshua “Bobcat” Stacy! Check out Bobby’s music at and

And learn more about the Baja Divide Trail via Wolverine’s blog: