The Trail Show #74: The Sunshine Coast Trail

Show #74 – On this month´s Trail Show we convene in our new legal chambers, Speshul 41 reports on bear encounters of the close kind, OOO makes it official, D-Low curses an incident, Fidget gives a fine intro, Nemo joins us live via satellite link to talk #lakebagging, jumping off boats, and the ins and outs of the Sunshine Coast Trail, Salty talks bars and malto, special guest Brian Sargeant joins us in studio to discuss the Colorado 14ers Initiative’s recent work, Moonkid sends us a tale of woe from South America, The Onion brings us a rough day on the GDT, Disco talks about 13ers, P.O.D. names a new show segment and we recommend another podcast for your listening pleasure. We hail our monthly Trail Show donors and unfurl the mailbag! D-Low is back for Ask-A-Hiker and we talk tent stake splints during Gear Review.

And as always.… Beer O’ Da Month (Canadian beers courtesy of Roadie, Pennsylvania and Ohio beers care of Rich Glasgow, and a bundle of hard to find Vermont beers from Eric Mootz!), Trail News with Speshul 41, Trail O’ da Month (The Sunshine Coast Trail), and Ask-A-Hiker with D-Low.

Big thanks to Brian Sargeant for guesting on this month’s show. Learn more about the Colorado 14’ers Initiative at

And learn more about the Sunshine Coast Trail: