The Trail Show #72: The Uinta Highline Trail

Show #72 – #allkillernofiller – On this month´s Trail Show we discuss D-Low trapping wild animals, bear attacks, #ALLCAPS, roasting marshmallows over lava, special guest Kevin “LarryBoy” DeVries joins us in studio to talk Uintas and dish out trail tips, Wolverine gives us a final missive from the Baja Divide Trail, Pepperflake talks Sangres, Marcus Selig from National Forest Foundation brings us up to speed on NFF’s work, Disco talks wildfires, POD keeps us on the rails and we review the book “Look Big” by Rachel Levin. We pay tribute to our monthly Trail Show donors and peer deep into the mailbag! D-Low reads post-Thanksgiving gift guides during Ask-A-Hiker and we have a listener-submitted item for Gear Review.

And as always.… Beer O’ da Month (delicious beers courtesy of Eric & Lisa & The Curtis Ware), Trail News with P.O.D., Trail O’ da Month (The Uinta Highline Trail), and Ask-A-Hiker with D-Low.

Big thanks to Marcus Selig for guesting on this month’s show. Learn more about the National Forest Foundation at

And learn more about the Uinta Highline Trail via LarryBoy’s blog: