The Trail Show #101: The Blue Mountain Trail

Show #101 – #spreadthewordstirtheturd – On this month’s Trail Show Christmas Spectacular….POD sings to us, Special Guest Renee “She-ra” Patrick talks to us about her hike of the Blue Mountains Trail in Oregon, Wesley “Crusher” Trimble talks about his new short film “Within Weakness” and maintaining a proper beard, D-low runs for the border, a late grandmother phones in, false zoom calls are relayed, Montana’s dirty shame is shown, Hood seeks penance, BearSweatz thins the forest, OOO hikes on the FT, Speshul41 speaks on LNT, and Disco is leery of non-water drinkers. The listeners Ask-A-Hiker and the monthly donors are caroled.

Beer O’ Da Month:  A collection of delectable wheat sodas care of Trail Show Nation!

Get more info on the Blue Mountain Trail at the Greater Hells Canyon Council website

Crusher’s film “Within Weakness” is available now at

Music on this month’s Trail Show was from Various Artists off the “Seasonal Favorites: Volume 4” album from Double Crown Records!