The Trail Show #62: The O3T

Show #62 – Bye Felicia. On this month´s Trail Show we broadcast from a VIP listener’s basement, extra special guest “Out of Order” joins The Trail Show in studio for never heard before tales from 6,300 miles of hiking across Europe, D-Low tells unsuccessful jokes and preps for kindergarten, POD flames out during our PocketMail talk, Disco talks koozies, Speshul goes to Six Flags, 03 downloads from Cuba, we discuss #snakesonatrail, and a listener sends a curious calendar. Our monthly Trail Show donors are revered, we find a thin mailbag and a beefy Ask-A-Hiker segment.

And as always … Beer O’ Da Month (Scavenger sends Mt. Massive IPA, Shovel send Perrin’s Dry Chai Stout, and OOO Brings a Bear Canister full of Florida Beers!), Trail News with P.O.D., Trail O’ da Month (O3T’s Europe North to South), and Ask-A-Hiker with D-Low.

Big thanks again to Out of Order for guesting on this month’s show. Learn more about his walk across Europe at