The Trail Show #61: The OT

Show #61 – Ah the San Angelo Life! On this month´s Trail Show, Speshul 41 is back in studio with tales of bear attacks, ticks and Dr. Krieger, Ken Kurtz of the Ozark Trail Association talks MEGAs and building trail in Missouri, Julie Mach of the Colorado Mountain Club guests with us in studio, P.O.D. discusses the darkies, we hear from a Trail Show VIP, Speshul brings us an interview via satellite feed from the Ozarks, D-Low’s advice in debunked, Disco fears Zika, and we discuss the Reveal Podcast episode “America’s Ring of Fire.” Our monthly Trail Show donors are admired, we find a postcard in the mailbag and P.O.D. fields Ask-A-Hiker queries.

And as always … Beer O’ Da Month (a boat load of Bay Area beers (and ice) from the Onion!), Trail News, Trail O’ da Month (Ozark Trail), and Ask-A-Hiker with P.O.D.

Big thanks to Ken Kurtz of Ozark Trails Association for talking OT on this month’s show. Learn more at

And special thanks goes to Julie Mach of the Colorado Mountain Club for bringing us up to speed on CMC’s conservation efforts. Get involved at

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