The Trail Show #94: The IAT-Newfoundland

Show #94 – #zoomlife – On this month’s Trail Show the Florida Man makes an appearance, Trail Show VIP Inaki aka Rain Skirt discusses his rugged walk of the IAT Newfoundland Section, lost luggage and encounters with caribou, Special Guest Matthew Nelson of the Arizona Trail Association talks to us about the border, Speshul 41 speaks on DCF and 2700 mile pub stumbles, Hotliners address pee bottles and sexy shirts, D-Low wonders about sewing while sipping on book club wine, OOO declares we are not doctors, someone asks about caching bleach, POD notices a strong meme game when she sees one, Disco recommends sterilizing secondhand toothpicks, and Pat “AXYL” Dixon plays us a tune from his new album during Media Review. The monthly donors are shouted out and the mailbag splits open and melts. D-Low is back for Ask-A-Hiker and a tent stake is unreviewed.

Beer O’ Da Month:  More delicious Kansas and Missouri beers courtesy of Martin S and Florida Man care of The Weekend!

Pat “AXYL” Dixon’s new album “HeHo” is available now!

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