The Trail Show #93: The Route in Between

Show #93 – #bidetlife – On this month’s Trail Show we embrace the #ZoomLife and do an all remote show, we get a surprise call from New Zealand, Trail Show VIP LarryBoy talks to us about his long walk of The Route in Between, 30 mile water carries and doing trail work for maps, Spesh talks of old California houses, crushed dreams and the perils of #vanlife, D-Low speaks on dirt dumpsters and the #nudenormal, The Bobbi Walters calls in, POD has quarantine questions and 30 day menus while rationing marital toilet paper, OOO discusses cheesecake, key lime pie and ice cream on a stick, Disco reminisces on ham, congealed salads and green bean casserole whilst conquering the Airpin Challenge!, we dive into Connor DeVane’s new film Hike the Divide during Media Review. The monthly donors are hoisted above shoulders and the mailbag gives us new insight on soap. D-Low fell asleep so OOO brings us Ask-A-Hiker and a tent stake is alternated.

Beer O’ Da Month: An incredible assortment of Kansas and Missouri beers courtesy of Martin S and his efforts to raise attention for No More Deaths.

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