The Trail Show #83: The King’s Trail (Kungsleden)

Show #83 – #tablife – On this month´s Trail Show special guest Dorian from France joins us in to talk about his hike on Kungsleden (aka the King’s Trail) and fresh lemons! D-Low disappears into the borderlands, Speshul 41 discusses award winning toilets and meetup groups, OOO unleashes the full power of the Trail Show Hotline on us, special guest Clay Jacobson gives us the latest from his work with the Idaho Trails Association, the crew removes some downed trees and chocolate during trips, CDT hiker “Heatwave” brings us a trail tip, Moonkid makes it to God’s Country, and POD defines a hiker. We shout out the monthly donors and read some mail! A hotliner brings us Ask-A-Hiker and we discuss salad during Gear Review.

Beer O’ Da Month: Alaskan beers courtesy of Jason D!

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