The Trail Show #9: The AT

Happy End of Winter! Today we bring you Episode #9 – Our Appalachian Trail show! On this month’s episode we discuss POD’s close encounter with National Geographic, a call to Pepper on performance enhancing drugs, Disco’s screw shoes, a sonic boom in the Ural mountains, the “snowshoe date” with Mags & D-low, Scott “Squatch” Herriott’s “Tales from the Trail” live via satellite link from SoCal, in-studio guest Snorkel’s AT speed record and Mags’ review of the movie “Flip Flop Flippin’.” And as always … Beer O’ Da Month, Ask-A-Hiker with D-low, Noodlehead’s Top 10, Trail O’ Da Month (Appalachian Trail), Ask-A-SheHiker with P.O.D. & Trail News with Mags. Thanks again for tuning in and for pushing us over the 10,000 download mark!!

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