The Trail Show #96: The South Dakota Centennial Trail

Show #96 – #microfece – On this month’s Trail Show POD is a news sub and talks to us about bears in homes and buses in Alaska, Special Guest Lance Smith talks to us about his hike of the South Dakota Centennial Trail along with Apple watches and 911 calls, Bear Sweatz gives us a 3-fer, Buck-30 calls in with Minnesota complaints, North Dakota cheers and ranks the Trail Show cohosts, POD recites the jabberwocky, Salty talks about the sugars, the hotline continues to blow up, D-Low is MIA, Spesh speaks on close encounters of the canine kind and ice water, OOO talks wine bottles, Disco regales tales of skeet shooting, and wee tipples on top of munros are explored during Ask-A-Hiker. The monthly donors are saluted and the mailbag unfurled…of course.

Beer O’ Da Month:  Tasty beers thanks to Frito Garcia from Homes Brewing out of Ann Arbor, Michigan!

Music on this month’s Trail Show was from the band Threesome off their On Tour EP. Get the jams at Double Crown Records!

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