The Trail Show #90: The Teton Crest Trail

Show #90 – #bluetoothspeakerpeople – On this month’s Trail Show we are joined by Tim Kolicko of Traverse Image to talk about Bears Ears National Monument and his upcoming film On Strange Soil, Trail Show VIP Bernard “Gummi Bear” Wolf panels with us in studio to discuss his hike of the Teton Crest Trail along with counterfeit Park Rangers and food locker dumping, Speshul speaks on wolves, gator attacks, Space Force and tinder swiping, OOO gets an Antiquities Act tattoo while making sunset videos, POD relays tales of permit deep fakes, D-Low finds wraps and mushrooms, Disco gets tackled at an ATM and is visited by Barry White. We sing our monthly donors and turn the mailbag inside out! D-Low is back for Ask-A-Hiker and a special guest reviews a special tent stake.

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Beer O’ Da Month: Colorado beers courtesy of Fidgit and Michigan beers courtesy of Larry Boy!

Get more info on the Teton Crest Trail via the CleverHiker!

Music on this month’s Trail Show was from the band Reverberati off their album Combat Surf. Get the jams at Double Crown Records!