The Trail Show #88: Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route

Show #88 – #homogenize – This month’s Trail Show is in the running for the LTSE (Longest Trail Show Ever) so buckle up and enjoy the ride! The entire crew is in Boulder’s Historic Beer District for Show 88 along with a revolving door of incredible guests:  Zuul from Big City Mountaineers talks about all the important work BCM is doing, Wolverine tells us about his hike of the Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route (TEMBR), Trail Show VIP Snowflake Rispolli relays a Trail Tip you will never ever ever forget, and the late PMags talks about his new book “How to Survive Your First Trip in the Wild” and also about his new zip code! Speshul discusses off leash dogs, sculpture gardens and mountain lion kills, POD breaks toes, OOO recommends bleep packing dot com, Fidgit sends us a missive and Moonkid patches in from the hexagon, Disco reminisces on Bishkek summers, Four Points bars are consumed, D-Low eats guinea pig tenders, and BearSweatz is back on The Hotline. We serenade our monthly donors and put the mailbag into a mailbox! D-Low helps us through our monthly Ask-A-Hiker questions and tent stakes are sharpened.

This month’s Trail Show is sponsored by Andrew Skurka’s Guided Trips. Learn to backpack or backpack better while undertaking a wilderness adventure that will expand your skills and comfort zone! Apply now for a trip at

Beer O’ Da Month: Birmingham, Alabama beers courtesy of Ghost Train Brewing!

Get more info on Wolverine’s TEMBR hike and check out his blog at

Music on this month’s Trail Show was from the band The Kanaloas off their album Surf A Go Go. Get the jams at