The Trail Show #85: Idaho Centennial Trail Redux

Show #85 – #snowbos – On this month´s Trail Show we get the band back together and talk to POD about her hike of the Idaho Centennial Trail and drinking footwater. We are joined by Snorkel & The Punisher of Treeline Review to discuss only hiking related things. We are also joined once again by Cliff Kipp of the Montana Conservation Corps to get an update on all the good work they are doing. Speshul 41 talks wolves, bears, cats and pool maintenance, D-Low has been located with sessionable double IPAs, the Wolfman’s brother drops in, The Bobbi Walters and the former Secretary of the Interior calls in, Bigfoot is considered, Disco talks racquetball, OOO gets waylaid by folding kayaks, Wolverine brings us a final update, Fidgit sings for us, and Bear Sweatz brings us peace and love. We pay homage to the monthly donors and inflate the mailbag! D-Low is back for Ask-A-Hiker and we discuss a real tent stake during gear review.

Beer O’ Da Month: Colorado beers courtesy of Trail Show Nation!

Learn more about the Montana Conservation Corps at

Music on this month’s Trail Show was from the band The TomorrowMen off their album Futourism. Get the jams at