The Trail Show #80b: The HRP (Part B)

Show #80b – #omnibus – March’s Trail Show was so packed with beers, trails & nonsense that we had to split it into 2 parts! Part A was made available last month so if you haven’t heard it yet, go download it. Part B is what we present to you today.… highlights include the announcement of our Trail Show t-shirts being on sale once again until April 10th, an update and song from Her Odyssey, a double shot of clips from OOO, a trail name is revoked during Ask-A-Hiker, D-Low goes on a 24-hour excursion, P.O.D. has a run in with some historic rubbish, Speshul speaks on poison dart frogs, Disco slaps a man that was chewing tobacco, we unveil the new Trail Show Hotline segment, and much much more in tribute to this dia de los tontos!

Thanks again to our VIP beer donor: Frito “Roll Tide” Garcia sent us some delicious Michigan beers!

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