The Trail Show #79: Oregon Desert Trail Redux

Show #79 – #ondatrail – On this month´s longest Trail Show ever (LTSE) we pack Trail Show studios with numerous reprobates including special guest Whitney “Allgood” LaRuffa who talks to us about his work at Six Moon Designs and joins Salty in recapping their hike of the Oregon Desert Trail (ODT) also known as “50 shades of sage.” Renee “She-Ra” Patrick brings us up to speed with her work on the ODT for the Oregon Natural Desert Association. Speshul talks H&R Block and Antarctica, #hindsighthikers are mentioned, an SMD backpack giveaway contest is announced, blue sponges are dirtied, fasting is discussed, a photo shoot goes down, Lorenzo the llama is lamented, Moonkid runs along the surf, and we double up our media review covering Cam “Swami” Honan’s new book The Hidden Tracks along with a review of the film Wildland. We tip caps to our monthly Trail Show donors and cut a hole in the mailbag! D-Low brings us Ask-A-Hiker and we continue our enlightening discussion on alternate uses of tent stakes during Gear Review.

And as always … Beer O’ Da Month (California beers courtesy of one Dan Hughley, and Virginia beers courtesy of T-bo Williams), Trail News with Speshul, Trail O’ da Month (The Oregon Desert Trail), and Ask-A-Hiker with D-Low.

Big thanks to Renee “She-Ra” Patrick of the Oregon Natural Desert Association for bringing us up to speed on all their good work. Become a member of ONDA today at

Learn more about Allgood’s hike of the Oregon Desert Trail at and Salty’s ODT hike at

Special thanks goes to John Carr Photography for the first ever Trail Show photo shoot that went down during Episode 79!!

This month’s episode of The Trail Show was brought to you by Six Moon Designs! Get a backpack, tent or one of their new Silver Shadow umbrellas at and be sure to check both our Instagram feed and Six Moon Design’s Insty feed for info on how to win a free SMD backpack!