The Trail Show #68: OuT

Show #68 – LNT! On this month´s Trail Show we go back to Arkansas, special guests Zuul and Speshul 41 talk LNT, long strange trips and picking up diapers, live via Skype from the land down under Cam “Swami” Honan discusses the finer points of vegemite, True Grit and a hike along the Ouachita Trail, P.O.D. talks rabies and makes a superman pose, the 52 hike challenge is recommended, Elon Musk’s blowtorch makes an appearance, and we learn the thumb trick. “On Trails” by Robert Moor is examined during Media Review. We talk cutlery during gear review and give a big shout to our monthly Trail Show donors. The mailbag is unbagged and Speshul 41 takes over Ask-A-Hiker.

And as always … Beer O’ Da Month (tasty Arkansas beers courtesy of Trail Show VIP Steven “Chaps” Parker), Trail News with P.O.D., Trail O’ da Month (Ouachita Trail), and Ask-A-Hiker with Speshul 41.

Music on this month’s show courtesy of Aria Zoner. Check out his music and guidebooks at

Big thanks again to Swami for guesting on this month’s show. Learn more about the Ouachita Trail at

And big thanks to Speshul and Zuul for schooling us on the seven Leave No Trace Principles. Learn more about Leave No Trace at

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