The Trail Show #66: The INT

Show #66 – Hanukkah Sameakh!!! On this month´s Trail Show we sing for ye, D-Low directs WAWA, special guest Chris “Wolverine” Hillier recaps his Israel National Trail thru-hike, P.O.D. bags peaks while Disco endures PowerPoints, Speshul-41 talks rocket launches, the 2 oz hygiene kit makes its formal debut, the bells go Irie, moose soup is served, and we hear from God. Two books (Memorizing Shadows, Junk Raft) and a blog ( are examined during Media Review. We analyze a real bottle opener (a.k.a. tent stake) and give thanx and praize to our monthly Trail Show donors. The mailbag is sliced open and D-Low hangs onto the rails (barely) during Ask-A-Hiker.

And as always … Beer O’ Da Month (New Mexico beers from La Cumbre Brewing, Marble Brewing and Tractor Brewing courtesy of Trail Show VIPs Mark & Julia), Trail News with P.O.D., Trail O’ da Month (Israel National Trail), and Ask-A-Hiker with D-Low.

Big thanks again to Wolverine for guesting on this month’s show. Learn more about the his hike of the Israel National Trail at