The Trail Show #139: The American Discovery Trail

Show #139 – #privysleeper – On this month’s Trail Show special guest Briana “Rocky Mountain High” DeSanctis joins us to talk American Legions, sleeping in cemeteries, emergency standpipes, and hiking the entire American Discovery Trail, POD discusses burned socks, disappearing podcasts, and hiking different hikes in the same place, OOO does yet another marathon in a day, D-Low speaks on the unspeakable, Disco heads south of the border, El Hikador burns bridges in Arizona, we receive a missive from the South Pacific, F-Ing Lettuce writes in, ASCII art is discussed, and the Florida Trail is considered yet again. We speculate on swamps during Ask-A-Hiker.

Beer O’ Da Month: Fine beers courtesy of Trail Show Nation!

More info on the American Discovery Trail can be found at

Music on this month’s Trail Show was from California’s legendary The Volcanics….get all the tunes at Double Crown Records!

*Disclaimer: The Trail Show is a comedy podcast that sometimes talks about hiking and always talks about beer, and absolutely nothing we say should be taken at face value or misinterpreted as truth. Enjoy!