The Trail Show #133: The Peaks of the Balkans Trail (PBT)

Show #133 – #gasolinepillow – On this month’s Trail Show we are pleased to have Kansas Express back in studio to talk to us about his hike of the Peaks of the Balkans Trail, exotic food, and being lost again and again, POD covers shirtless men, hiker lounges, and being so extra in Trail News, OOO goes down under and boycotts Foster’s, D-Low enjoys nighttime strolls with his fam, Disco oohs and aahs over big trees, a buffet of calls is heard on the Hotline, and many many things are bleeped. Forced trail names are discussed during Ask-A-Hiker.

Beer O’ Da Month: Beers and cheers this month courtesy of Trail Show Nation!

Music on this month’s Trail Show was from Mexico City’s own Secret Agent….get all the tunes at Double Crown Records!

 *Disclaimer: The Trail Show is a comedy podcast that sometimes talks about hiking and always talks about beer, and absolutely nothing we say should be taken at face value or misinterpreted as truth. Enjoy!