The Trail Show #34: The Chin Chinny ChinT

Show #34 – It’s not about the mileage, it’s about the smileage! This month the 2014 Trail Show Beer & Brewery of the Year is announced, we discuss blue bagging on Everest, a palcohol update is doled out, Whitney “Allgood” LaRuffa & Liz “Snorkel” Thomas speak on the first ever Chinook Trail thru-hike & chicken fried steak, D-Low wraps his kid in a plastic bag, Mags takes Texans to minus 5, the #BeLikeMike Contest Winner is announced, YKH’ers are studied, taking beer to 30,000 feet is explored and we read “Lying on the Trail” by Just Bill. We also tilt our fedoras to our Trail Show monthly donors, read a few telegrams from the Mailbag and Mags develops a treatise on peanuts during the Gear Review.

And as always … Beer O’ Da Month (courtesy of Russ Kinder & Allgood), Trail News with Mags, Trail O’ Da Month (Chinook Trail), Disco’s Trail Tip O’ Da Month and Ask-A-Hiker with D-Low.

Big Thanks to Mike “spider ball” Russell and his band ‘Wedding Dress’ for allowing us to showcase some of their music on this month’s show. Go download some of their music today at If you play music or are in a band and want to have your music featured on a future Trail Show episode, email for details.