Bonus Show #3: Funding Your Hiking Addiction

Bonus Show #3 has the answers to life long questions like:

  1. How can you afford to take 5 months off to thru-hike a long trail?
  2. How do you save up enough money to pay for a long hike?
  3. Will leaving my job to go hiking be the end of my career?
  4. What do you tell future employers about that gap on your resume when you were gone hiking?
  5.  And how did a blue dish sponge save Disco $2,100 on his 2nd PCT thru-hike?

We’ll also be asking perpetual thru-hiker Buck-30 how he manages to stay on trail 9 months out of the year – year in and year out. Get ready for a Trail Show that has the answers to all these questions and more.

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