The Trail Show #128: Grand Canyon Traverse

Show #128 – #linearsummercamp – On this month’s Trail Show, D-Low begins his Wine O’ the Month Club, Salty is back to talk about her hike of the Grand Canyon Traverse, nano-navigation, pink rattlesnakes, and an encounter with a large cat that will leave your jaw on the floor, special guest Renee “She-ra” Patrick brings us up to speed on her new hiking business, we set a new show gender record, POD talks fees, cocaine hippos, and Yosemite closure, Disco talks cocaine bear and parking lot problems, callers berate us for lack of pin-up shots, El Hikador calls in quietly, college gymnastics are discussed, OOO preps for water trails and amasses junior ranger patches, and Bostonians hike the CT with umbrellas and blue sponges. D-Low and crew discuss AT flip-flops and wooden clipboards during Ask-A-Hiker.

Beer O’ Da Month: Big thanks to #TrailShowNation for this episode’s beers and cheers including (but not limited to) SoDank IPA from Lost Cabin Beer Company and Red Cut from Sturgis Brewing Company!

Dig deeper with lessons learned from Salty’s mountain lion encounter.

Check out She-ra’s new business and take the HIKER SURVEY!

Music on this month’s Trail Show was from California’s own Blackball Bandits….get all the tunes at Double Crown Records!

 *Disclaimer: The Trail Show is a comedy podcast that sometimes talks about hiking and always talks about beer, and absolutely nothing we say should be taken at face value or misinterpreted as truth. Enjoy!