The Trail Show #142: The Final Curtain

Show #142 – #blessup – On this month’s 12-Year Anniversary….and grand finale Trail Show, the crew pulls back the curtain to talk about all the things, the Hotline short circuits with a volume of calls we’ve never seen from you our adored listeners, D-Low enjoys a baked potato, POD drinks her annual habanero infused tequila tumbler, poison oak remedies are discussed, book giveaway mathematics are dissected, pupfish and fistfights are spoken on again, an update on the Count the Blazes project is relayed, OOO hikes the Art Loeb, Disco schwacks through SoCal’s finest vegetation, hot foot issues are exposed, denim is promoted, future podcast spinoffs are spitballed, and OOO caps us off with an ode to connection. We hear from the chicken suit guy and The Trail Show’s most elusive listener (MEL) during Ask-A-Hiker.

Beer O’ Da Month: Fine beers courtesy of Trail Show Nation! Thank you all!!

Music on this month’s Trail Show was from Pat “The Bouncer aka AXYL” Dixon

Thank you so much, the most amazing podcast listeners, for a wonderful 12 years. We are proud of you….and of us! Thank you thank you thank you.

*Disclaimer: The Trail Show is a comedy podcast that sometimes talks about hiking and always talks about beer, and absolutely nothing we say should be taken at face value or misinterpreted as truth. Enjoy!