The Trail Show #121: The Cordillera Huayhuash Circuit (TCHC)

Show #121 – #bleach – On this month’s Trail Show, the band is back together and the Hotline explodes, special guests Twinkle and Grace talk to us about hiking the Cordillera Huayhuash Circuit in Peru, OOO sees naked horse riders and climbs an 18,000 foot peak, D-Low hikes 29.6 miles and speaks on tiny hands and poisonous plants, Disco resurrects the Harlem Shake, POD covers a new trail in PEI, a new Lyme Disease vaccine, and Apple Pie’s completion of all the US National Scenic Trails in Trail News, Skittles sends a missive from Minnesota, Wampire discusses how crowded the Euro trails are, Fancy Mac talks about possessed horses on the GR 10, and a plethora of Hotline calls that can’t be missed! D-Low contemplates a question on brown liquor and wine during Ask-A-Hiker.  

Beer O’ Da Month: Big thanks to Steven “Chaps” Parker for Show 121’s beers, jeers, and cheers! 

Music on this month’s Trail Show was from Finland’s The Doltones….get their Stormrider album and all the tunes at Double Crown Records! 

*Disclaimer: The Trail Show is a comedy podcast that sometimes talks about hiking and always talks about beer, and absolutely nothing we say should be taken at face value or misinterpreted as truth. Enjoy!