The Trail Show #43: Live from ALDHA-West

The Trail Show #43: Live from ALDHA-West

Show #43 – #buttdivot. On this month’s show we take over Fanning Hall at Camp Kiwanis on the flanks of Oregon´s Mt. Hood to bring you a special live show from the annual ALDHA-West Gathering. A revolving door of extra special guests parade thru this Live Show including but not limited to: Sweet Tater, Bobcat, Allgood, Gorilla, Freefall, Squatch, Snorkel, Pepper and the lucky winner of the “Win a Date with Bobcat Contest!” Disco stumps the crowd during trail trivia, Mags talks Triple Crown, D-Low announces our brand ambassador program, we give away more schwag than sticks can be shaken at, POD makes 3 people turn purple and we get schooled during Trail Tip.

And as always … Beer O’ Da Month (delicious Oregon kegs from Thunder Island Brewing Co, Hop Valley Brewing Co and Basecamp Brewing Co), Trail News with Mags, Trail O’ Da Month (The Triple Crown), and Ask-A-Hiker with D-Low.

Go to Thunder Island Brewing´s website & contribute to the “Buy a Hiker a Beer” fund.

This month’s episode of The Trail Show is brought to you by the American Long Distance Hiking Association – West (better known as ALDHA-West).  Become a member today at

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