Contact Us

There are many important reasons you may want to contact us.  And to ensure that your email is routed to the correct specialist of our staff, we have a variety of email address you can send your comments, concerns, criticisms, and praise to:

  • If you’d like to sponsor a show please email .
  • If you’d like to buy us beer please email .
  • Your ask a hiker questions can be sent to
  • To harass Disco, send him an email at .
  • For regular old information about what we’re doing, send an email to.
  • Legal inquiries will for everything but yogurt shoppe franchise opportunities can be sent to and they’ll likely be promptly ignored.
  • Speshul41 can be reached at .
  • If you’d like us to play your music on our next show reach out to us at .
  • If you’re a representative of the Boy Scouts of America and would like to reach POD she can be reached at .
  • And finally, general sales inquiries can be directed to